How to Become a Mobile App Developer by the end of 2021

By the end of this article, you will know a definite path, courses, techniques, and tools to become a mobile app developer. Today to become a mobile app developer there are multiple programming languages/frameworks available to learn. But in this article, I am going to focus on learning one programming language and its framework – JavaScript and React Native.

The Path

Let me introduce you to the technologies/programming language/framework need to become a Mobile App Developer.

  • JavaScript – Programming Language
  • React Native – Mobile App Framework
  • React Navigation – Routing, and navigation for your React Native apps
  • React Hooks – Allow you to access state in functional components
  • React Context APIs or Redux – State Management

If you already have experience in JavaScript, you can directly start to learn React Native Course(which I am going to suggest later in this blog )


Disclaimer: None of the courses I am suggesting here is sponsored. I am suggesting these because I myself gone through many different courses and found these are the best to learn and become a mobile app developer.

  1. The Modern Javascript Bootcamp Course (2021)
    The course is created by two top Instructors on – Colt Steele & Stephen Grider. This is 34 Sections and a total 52 Hours course, It’s going to start from the basics of JavaScript to Advance, so even if you are new to programming, you can catch up.
    I will suggest you start from Section 1: Introduction to Section 21: Application Design Patterns, and after that, you can start learning React Native course. I will recommend completing all 34 Sections.

  2. The Complete React Native + Hooks Course
    This course is created by Stephen Grider, you will love the way he simply explains difficult topics by showing diagrams. There are a total of 18 sections and a total 22 Hours course, you can skip section 17(It’s an old version of React Native).

  3. React Native – The Practical Guide
    This course is optional, it’s again coming from one of the best Instructors on – Maximilian Schwarzmüller.
    You will learn most of the important concepts from the basics in the previous course. But when you start building apps, you might need help to build and configure different mobile features, like Maps, Push Notifications, Camera, etc., and this course will come in handy at those times.

Learning Tools & Techniques


Why I am giving you tools & techniques before you start your learning journey? Because many reports say the average compilation rate of online courses is only 15%. So I am suggesting these tools and techniques only to make sure, I am can set you on the path to success.


Do you remember classrooms, where we find peers, share, and discuss? But in the online course, it just you, maybe a course forum where you can post problems you face during learning, but you will not find that connection between learners.
So, start the course with someone who is doing the same course, spending the same hours as you, maybe daily or weekly and it’s better if you have the same goal e.g. Find a job after this course, promotion in current job or maybe build something with the knowledge you gain, etc.

So how can you find peers? Go to the course forum and ask who just starting the course and tell them your plan of learning, How many hours daily/weekly? What is your goal?
And ask to join you if someone has the same plans.

Create your group on Discord or Slack and keep each other updated with the progress you are making in the course, else try PeerUp App. Do some small tasks or projects together to apply your knowledge you gain from the course.

Learn more from this article


You have to learn JavaScript and React Native to become a Mobile App Developer. The Courses I suggest are the best I know because I came across them after trying different courses.

But only knowing the best courses is not enough, you have to plan your learning journey which is going to take around 3 to 5 months to complete. It’s better to find a learning partner who has the same set of learning commitments.

Just watching videos and copying the code is not going to help, apply your knowledge by build something. Try this and let me know your experience. All the best!!

Also, let me know your thoughts and ideas to learn online courses.

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