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What you’ll learn

We have tried & tested this curriculum, so you will just have to learn which will help you get hired

Git and Github

Understand how to use version control systems like Git and Github and why it's an important part of any developer's workflow


Creating and styling webpages using HTML and CSS, then proceeding to more advanced topics like animations and complex layouts.


Understand the modern language of the web Javascript, how to use it for things like interactivity and building logic inside your applications.

React with Redux

Explore the most trending Frontend library for building user-interfaces and how to use it effectively to create performant applications.

What our Students Say

Create custom landing pages with Shades that convert more visitors than any website—no coding required.

The guidance we get here about the implementation of our theoretical knowledge what we learn from udemy or any online enrolled courses for instance if I talk about myself I've tried self-learning also enrolled and searched lots of courses for front end development but for few days I was so motivated to do things but slowly with the complexity of things and human nature we fall into inconsistency and procrastination same happened with me and for 2 times I dropped my learning in middle but with the help of Peer-Up Bootcamp and Mentors Himanshu sir and Sidharth sir I finally reached to the goal what I was dreaming before and also they helped me to choose the right courses for my desired field aside with this I also made new friends for studying together and tracking each one progress a very good and competitive and collaborative environment.

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Harsh Mangat


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