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Frontend Web Development


Only in Rs.15000/-. Discount for early birds - Rs.8000/- Only before 18th June

How it works?

Every day, you will join your peers to learn together - Mondays to Saturdays. Mentors will give you your study plan for a day, complete that and update the progress. In these sessions, you will be held accountable and get help from mentors if you are stuck or other students. This enables everyone to help and support each other along the way.
Both the study group chat and the live meetings will be moderated by PeerUp mentors, and we guarantee that these will be friendly and welcoming spaces.
By the end of the Bootcamp, you won't just have a solid grasp of HTML, CSS, JavaScript & React with Redux but also you will have a solid portfolio of projects to show to potential employers and clients.
In this 3 months learning journey you will make friends with a bunch of other aspiring developers as well as you will be connected to PeerUp's community for your lifetime.


we are peerup

With 8+ years of web and mobile app development expertise and trained 25+ freshers to become developers, now we are using those unique training methods to help you become the next Frontend Developer at an affordable cost. 
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Why Learn from PeerUp?

Experience, Contributions and Life Long Community

We realized most of the newly grads/freshers are not skilled enough that they can get hired or start something on their own. To learn they turned to private institutes and Bootcamps but they charge them a lot, everybody cannot afford that. As we have experienced and hired freshers and make them developers within 3 months, we planned to use the same techniques and methods to train you at an affordable cost, we just need you to be motivated and curious to learn.



For 3 Months of mentoring we charge you just Rs.15000/-. In that we handhold you through your learning journey, provide challenges and projects and take multiple Workshops on cutting-edge technologies.


Career Path

We provide a learning path and the best courses to learn. So you will not end up wasting your time and just focus on learning and growing, using our unique method of LEARN-APPLY-GROW cycle.

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Anybody, Anytime, Anywhere

The best part of our courses is that you can be anybody* because we teach you from the basics. You can learn anytime and from anywhere.

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