PeerUp Story

PeerUp Story

Hemanshu M Mahajan13/09/2021

The beginning

In May 2013, I quit my job to start working on an idea. I hired a few computer grads, thinking that they will help me build web applications for my idea, unfortunately, I was wrong, they learned programming in college but never build any application, in short, they were not skilled enough for real-world projects.

I learned web designing from online courses and thought to use the best online courses to train my employees. It took time, but within 3 to 5 months they start working and after few months they are like give them anything and they can get it done.

It surprised me, they spend around 4 Years and few lakh rupees to learn the same but didn't. And here I spend few thousand bucks and allowed them a few months and they become what they meant to be.

After that almost every year I continued doing the same and created a system to train the freshers, this helps me bring the learning time from 5 to 2 Months only.

What did I learn?

After a few years I learned:

  • The best and affordable way to learn is through online courses
  • Most people are not aware of it
  • Most People who are aware find it hard to keep themself motivated to learn alone
  • Learning alone is difficult, so people select offline over online if circumstance allows.
  • If people get an offline course type environment in online, there is an 80% chance they will be able to complete the course and learn it well

Jessica from the "codercoder" youtube channel described the problem very well LINK

Offline Setting in Online Environment

We were planning to help everyone with the system we build using online courses.

But the motivation was not the only problem, there are few other problems as well which people face before, while, and after completing an online course.

  • People new to a field, don't know where to start
  • There are a ton of courses, don't know which course to select, which could be best and affordable
  • Even after completing the course many are not confident about what they learned

What makes offline Training complete

  1. Curriculum
  2. Mentorship
  3. Peers
  4. Feedback
  5. Accountability

Online courses only provide learning content and learners have to figure out everything else mentioned above on their own. And most of the time they cannot.

Building Team and Launching PeerUp

With this knowledge and experience, I got, at the beginning of 2020, I start planning and designing an app to bring these offline attributes to learning online. The plan and design were ready, but I lacked a team aligned with the same goal and vision.

I talked and worked with a few for some time, but somehow we were not able to continue working together due to the goal not being aligned. Months passed, came up with a Mobile App MVP, realize the need for a Web App. Finally May 2021, I was spreading the word on Discord about the App idea I plan to build and team up. Many responded few join the meet, few started working.

One of them was Sidharth. I had a brief with him because the next day Sidharth was taking a workshop on Tailwind CSS, which I also planned to use to design PeerUp's Web pages. After talking to Sidharth, I realize that he has an entrepreneurial mindset, had faced the same learning issues, and has a deep love to teach, help & tech.

May 17, Finally we started working on PeerUp as a team of 5, two weeks past we came down to 3, and after a month, it was only me and Sidharth left.

We both are aligned to the purpose and the goal of PeerUp, we want to change the learning ecosystem itself, so we never took a day off, Sidharth works whole night till early mornings, and I start working very early morning till late night, so almost we both worked 24/7 for 2 and half month straight.

I really like to take this moment to give a big thanks to Sidharth, without him, it might take me forever.

Finally today 29th July 2021, after many hurdles, hard work, and perseverance we are launching PeerUp v1.

We added initial features, which will help to keep you motivated and on track, much more features are already lined up to make your learning journey complete.

We hope PeerUp will help you learn better and achieve your goals faster than ever before. Looking forward to seeing you on PeerUp, your feedback is much appreciated.

Keep Learning. Keep Hustling!! ✌️

Thank You.

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Mission: Make online learning Accessible, Affordable, Accountable, and enable Accomplishment.

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