Open cohort-based learning for MOOCs

Learning alone is difficult,  install PeerUp to find peers who are doing the same course, form a small group, set learning commitments, and track learning progress.


Do you know approx 85% of the learners not completing the online courses they enrolled in? 

At PeerUp we understand, eLearning platforms are creating quality learning content, but they are not providing a learning environment, which we think is essential for learners to complete their learning journey. And that’s why PeerUp, we created an open cohort base learning App, where you can learn self-paced but in a cohort with self-set learning commitments.


How to Join PeerUp

If you receive an invitation code from somebody, just signup and enter that code.
If you don’t have an invite, just signup to be on the waiting list, or if you want to skip the queue, then just fill this small form