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At Peerup, we love being competitive and allow you to finish courses with your friends while tracking each other’s progress and building a strong learning network.

It's Not Rocket Science


Find or Create a Course/Learning Path

Find or add details of the course you would like to track. Sometimes, you might want to learn multiple courses in a sequence, for that, you can create a learning path or join an existing one.


Finding like-minded peers
has never been easier
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All you need to do is fill up a form and the PeerUp Matchmaking Algorithm will automatically connect you with peers who have similar goals and learning requirements as yours.


Track your
learning progress

Track your learning progress, and stayed informed about how far you are from your goal. Motivate your peers by showcasing your progress and get your daily dose of motivation by watching others progress.


Teach and Learn
(coming soon)

Get real-time help from mentors and become a mentor after completing a few course sections, because we know that the best way to learn is to teach others, so we allow you to help others with the courses and sections you already complete.

Our Story

Founder of Peerup

Hemanshu Mahajan

Founder & CEO

My journey as an entrepreneur began in the year 2013, when I founded my first firm APPX Technologies. Believing in giving a chance to young minds, I hired recent college graduates. Training each and every fresher was indeed a tedious task as it required individual attention and l was also surprised to see the enormous learning gap which made things even more difficult.

The fancy graduate degrees didn’t help when it came to practical application and solving real-world problems, mostly because the curriculums were old-fashioned and didn’t cover the latest industry trends and practices.

I did my own little experiment of motivating my team to brush up their knowledge through online courses, but in a group learning setting. It turned out to be a huge success for us as the process was not only fun but also highly interactive. This is when the idea of PeerUp was born.

Co-Founder of Peerup

Sidharth Rathi

Co-founder & CTO

Fast forward 7 years later… I met a guy named Sidharth in an online workshop he hosted. After having a couple of discussions, I figured that he was equally passionate about learning and didn’t rely on the traditional education system.

In fact, most of the technical skills which he gained were self-taught through his own efforts and online courses.

After hearing my idea of building the world’s largest interactive learning platform, he instantly knew that this is what he wanted to be a part of and together we built and launched PeerUp.

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